Adopting After Cancer: A Love Story

I am very excited to be guest blogging at Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer today for their cancer and Infertility week series.

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Sharon, Carter, and Kayla Greene‏ Sharon, Carter, and Kayla Greene‏

I was first diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at age 29, way back in 1988. The protocol at that time was to tell women to wait 5 years before getting pregnant or, as my breast surgeon so crudely put it, “Baby might not have a Mama”. Nothing like the subtle approach to shut down any further questions on that subject!

5 years passed, and I went to my “cure” date mammogram confident that all was well. It wasn’t. The cancer had returned to the same breast and as I had radiation the first time, the only option left was a mastectomy and 9 months of chemotherapy.
I again heard the “Baby and Mama” speech. I was told that chemo could possibly put me permanently into early menopause but as I was still only 34, there was a good chance the menopause symptoms would only…

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8 thoughts on “Adopting After Cancer: A Love Story

    1. What is even more ironic is they let us adopt because my ex-husband was in good health. They thought if I should get sick again, he’d be there to raise the kids. He split when both kids were under 2. I am the one that stuck around and has at least this far raised them until they are teens. Baby Mama refuses to die until babies are all grown up with babies of their own!


  1. I once read that sorrow allows us to feel more joy. You’ve certainly had your fill of hardship and it is clear that that you feel so much joy as a parent! I’m sure they are just as proud of their mom as you are of them. This is my first visit to your blog, but it won’t be my last.

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